Patience and Time

All my school notebooks, from an early age, are full of drawings. I would draw constantly while paying attention and while daydreaming; on the margins and the spaces between lines, besides math problems and history notes, in every page there was always a drawing. I grew up in Mexico where I filled the pages of many notebooks while studying Anthropology and later teaching in remote villages of rural Michoacan. It wasn’t until love brought me to Toronto and I had to start my life from scratch in a new place that I was brave enough to decidedly embrace the part of me that had filled those notebooks. I studied Independent Illustration and gained a solid foundation on digital and traditional media while falling in love with being an illustrator, which is, to use images for storytelling. Although a lot of the technical background that is gained through schooling came to me a bit later in life, all those years drawing on my own helped me find my style.


I make labor intensive illustrations filled with detail.  I find happiness spending hours on the repetitive small lines required to render patterns and textures. My drawings are the fruit of patience and time.