The Annex Patio Art Show

Toronto is easy to love during the summer. Days are long, people are happy, we feel victorious (we prevailed over a long and tough winter, now we bask in the sun). Life and culture bloom in too many places simoultaneously and is hard to keep up, so we are hungry to see and do as much as we can before the cold  comes crashing back on us once more. I have a special kind of affection for things happening on the streets or at the parks for everyone to just wander into it without standing in line, without needing a ticket or a reservation. I take great pleassure in street musicians and performers (they remind me of my beloved Mexico City where there's always  lots of free entertainment at corners and squares and subway stations). For all these reasons, I am specially delighted to become part of a street art show and a tiny piece in Toronto's caleidoscopic summer. Anyone at the Annex neighborhood next weekend (July 11 and 12) come visit me at the Annex Patio Art Show! I will be located at 537 Bloor Street and  there will be lots of other artists showing their work using the windows of local shops.